Breathing exercise for anxiety attacks: 4-7-8 method

Often during an anxiety attack, we can find it hard to breathe and hard to stop our minds from spiraling. By shifting your focus away from the trigger and completely onto your breathing, it will hopefully help you calm down. 

Close your eyes and get comfortable.

4 - slowly inhale through your nose for 4 seconds

7 - for 7 seconds, pause and hold your breath. Slowly counting in your head.

8 - slowly exhale for 8 seconds until you completely let out your breath. 

Repeat as many times as needed. 


It doesn't matter if I'm having minor anxiety or a total anxiety attack, I use this breathing method to help me get grounded. I've found that focusing on the numbers while counting really helps me forget about my trigger. I've even noticed that by the time I'm done with the breathing exercise, my problem doesn't seem as major as it did a few minutes ago. 

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