Countering Anxious Thoughts

Looking at anxious thoughts from a different perspective helps us shift our mindset. By looking at the situation positively, it can help us reduce some anxious thoughts. 

Consider the below situations:


Anxious Thought #1:

  • "My friend is ignoring my texts. They're probably mad at me."

Rational Counter-Statement:

  • "They're busy at work and will text me back when they can."


Anxious Thought #2: 

  • "I'm too nervous to do my presentation. What if I mess up? Everyone will think I am dumb."

Rational Counter-Statement:

  • "I worked hard on my presentation. Even if I make a mistake, my team knows how well I know the material."


Anxious Thought #3:

  • "I can't go on this first date. What if I don't have anything to talk about and they think I'm weird?"

Rational Counter-Statement:

  • "They're probably nervous too. I should be myself so we can try to see if we're compatible."


Notice how the situation shifts from anxious, to understanding. 


What is an anxious thought that you can try to look at differently? How does the situation change? 

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