Foods and drinks to avoid to reduce anxiety

We all know that eating too much candy can cause a sugar rush. Similar to that, having too much caffeine can cause your mind to start rushing and trigger anxiety. 

Foods to avoid:
  • Cakes, candy, high sugar treats
  • Fruit with high sugar
  • Caffeine
  • Processed foods
  • Alcohol

It's important to try to limit foods that increase our anxiety, while also finding what works best for you. I love having coffee in the mornings, but I've noticed that coffee triggers my anxiety. Knowing this, I've significantly reduced how much I have. I'll have half a cup per day and often mix it with decaf which has helped a lot. 

Similar to that, I love having sweets! But I don't have any sweets during the week and especially not on weeknights. Eating certain foods late at night heighten my anxiety and cause me to not be able to sleep. I limit sweets to the weekends because it's important to be balanced and to treat yourself!

Find what works for you!

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