How can a fidget ring help me focus?

Next time you feel stressed and need to focus, try spinning your fidget ring and taking mindful breaths. 
Incorporating this simple tool can make a big difference in your ability to concentrate and stay present.

3 ways a fidget ring can help you focus:
  • Sensory stimulation: spinning the fidget ring stimulates your senses, which helps your mind focus.
  • Calming effect: spinning your fidget ring has a soothing effect, which calms you down and makes it easier to focus. Try spinning the ring while doing a breathing exercise; this will help ease your nerves if you're stressed during an exam for example. 
  • Mindful focus: mindfully spinning your fidget ring brings you back to the present moment which helps increase productivity. Next time your mind wanders while you're trying to focus: describe how the ring feels on your hand and feel the different textures of the ring.
We talk about mindful spinning in another blog post, but basically it means intentionally engaging with the sensation and movement of the ring, grounding yourself in the here and now.
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