I used to be so nervous about flying

If you also get nervous when flying, here are a few tips for your next trip:

  • Focus on where you're going

Instead of thinking about the airplane and your fears, focus on the destination.

What fun plans do you have once you land? Shifting your focus to positive thoughts can really help.


  • Wear your fidget ring

When you start to feel anxious, spin your fidget ring and slowly count your breaths.

Focusing on your ring and your breathing can help you calm down.


  • Bring headphones and listen to a podcast

Music helps too, but following along a conversation on a podcast makes the flight go by even quicker.


  • Bring your journal

Prepare a few journal prompts to write about during your flight. Journaling is a really great mindfulness exercise; journaling on the plane will help keep you busy and focused on positive things.

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